“The greatest dishes are very simple dishes.” … Virginia Woolf

I like this quote by the famous English writer, feminist and author of  A Room of One’s Own, but I’m not entirely sure what she meant by “greatest.” At face value you might assume that she just prefers the taste of dishes with the fewest ingredients/preparation, but since she was a feminist I am inclined to think that she also means that simple dishes are simply less time-consuming, and get you out of the kitchen faster and leave you with more time to do what you want in life.

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of sites by talented vegan and vegetarian cooks who post lengthy and complicated recipes that look amazing – this is not one of them!

I almost never make a long or complicated recipe – partly due to the fact that most fruits and vegetables are delicious with very little extra help, and partly because even when I do make a long recipe, it seldom turns out delectable enough that I think “gee, that was worth all that effort.”  And sadly, my family usually agrees!  But if you are a good enough cook that this is not the case for you – your cooking is delicious AND you enjoy the process of cooking along with the extra cleanup, shopping, etc. etc., I applaud you and I would never try to turn you away from your passion and talent.  That’s just not where my passion or talent lies, and I think it’s time that many of us women stop spending so much precious time in the kitchen and start doing more of what we came here on earth to do – whatever that is. Plant a garden, have coffee with friends, take a zumba class, write that novel, or discover a cure for cancer (oh wait – eating a lot of veggies helps with that!)

And what about our families? While most husbands and kids would no doubt prefer a great cook as a wife/mom, as long as we feed them healthy food in some fashion (or even better, teach them how KOCIS_Korean_vegetable_dish_(4553316183)to help out or do it themselves), they’ll survive.  We are also setting a good role model for our daughters that their self-esteem does not have depend on whether or not they can bake an amazing cheesecake, but rather on what other amazing things they can do.

So if you are like me and want to get out of the kitchen as fast as .possible (or never go in there in the first place!), I gotcha covered!  This website will contain tons of tips, tricks, resources, and uber-quick and easy recipes to make cooking – or not – easy breezy!  You’re welcome.

(And if there’s anything special you’d like to see in this site, or ways you’d like me to help you, please let me know! I am committed to making your life a breeze!)

Joanna Tropical Lady

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