Soup’s On! Tabatchnick Soup Review

Just discovered a line of frozen soups in my local Publix grocery store that I never noticed before, and bought every veggie-based one they have! Not sure if it’s a new product or not, but I’m loving these soups because

  1. All the ingredients look pretty healthy, with less oil and salt than many canned soups
  2. There are two individual packs, so no more thrown out leftover canned or boxed soup
  3. The price is pretty great – about $2.50 per carton, so at $1.25 a serving they’ll fit into anyone’s budget
  4. With 4 cartons and paired with some fruit, or maybe a potato or a salad and some nice whole grain bread, I’ve got my own lunch or light supper for a week figured out!

So far I’ve tried two – the black bean and the (organic!) lentil: truthfully they’re maybe not the most flavorful soups I’ve ever had, but then again I usually add seasonings to commercially-made soups anyway. So these are a great base to add seasonings or canned, fresh or frozen veggies.

What’s at your grocery store? Let me know so I can spread the word!

Joanna Tropical Lady

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