Music – your new personal trainer!

As a former fulltime tropical musician (sorry but this seems to be a good opportunity to throw in a shameless plug for the band I’m in with a bunch of fun and talented members – the Tsunami Wave Riders – – and please download some of our music for free on our site!)  I really love music, and I’ve discovered that the great majority of people do too.  And I’m a huge believer in using music to help you get motivated to exercise, and also to help you get relaxed when you’re anxious or stressed. I have a few tips of my own for you, and  I’ve also been surprised at just how many different ways they’ve discovered that music can help your health, and I can’t wait to tell you about all of them so that you can start getting your full daily dose of music!

Since almost everyone struggles with maintaining your motivation to exercise, let’s talk about how music can help you.  Did you ever not feel like exercising at all, but then you put on your headphones and things didn’t seem that bad?  If you don’t have an exercise playlist, I highly recommend creating one – how about a couple different ones for the different types of sports or activities you do? It’s helpful to customize it according to the normal length of your workout and include warmup and cooldown types of songs, and you can also add new songs in every now and then to keep it fresh. Sometimes – I hate to admit this – but I’ve gone to a park to walk and then discovered I left my headphones at home, so then I went to get coffee – or did something else – til I had the chance to go back home and get them. Did I ever make it back to the park on those days? Nope, never that I can recall!  So now I’ve finally gotten a little wiser to my procrastinating ways so that 1) always have a spare set of earbuds – even if they’re just from the dollar store – stashed somewhere, and 2) when exercising at the park or a gym, I try to always put my earbuds back in my purse immediately after my workout, and I bought a sunglasses case from the dollar store just for this purpose, which I’ve attached to my purse so that it can never escape.

Hope these tips and the others we’ll be talking about in days to come will help you exercise a little more often and get all the amazing benefits out of both music and exercise –  and I’d love to hear all of your great ideas as well – including workout song ideas too!  Just email me at

Joanna Tropical Lady

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