Music – your new personal trainer!  (continued)

Yesterday I talked a little bit about how useful music is to get you motivated to exercise, and gave you a couple quick tips: crank up the itunes before you want to start exercising, customize playlists for your different activities, and plant earbuds in several places and try to put them back in the same place every time, so you’ll  be able to be your own exercise DJ at all times!

Today, fellow Breezies, I wanted to let you in on another magical secret of music: it can actually speed up your post-workout recovery time!  Had you heard about this already? Nope, me neither. And it doesn’t seem to matter what kind of music, although researchers discovered that slower music made people more relaxed (and did that really need a study for that?).

Need some suggestions for cooldown music? May I recommend a slower tune by the Tsunami Wave Riders called Island Dreamin,’ which won Single of the Year a few years back at the Hawaii Music Awards (another shameless plug for the band I’m in).  It always gives me a license to chill and maybe it will do the same for you (but watch out if you’re working –  your boss may decide to revoke your license!)

So don’t put your iPod away just cuz your workout’s over – keep the tunes a comin’!

Want to check out the study?

Michal Eliakim, et. al. “Effect of Rhythm on the Recovery From Intense Exercise.” Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research: April 2013. Vol 27. Issue 4. p1019–1024. doi: 10.1519/JSC.0b013e318260b829

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