Love pickles? Get two-for-one

Ever since I had to pull all-nighters cramming for finals in college, and then later on when finishing reports for work, pickles were always my main go-to snack buddy. Somehow the crispiness, sour taste, and my own crunching would perk me right up. The sodium in a whole jar of pickles was probably off the richter scale, but since I’ve picked up much worse snack habits throughout the years, so I plan to return to my old way – but even cheaper and better!pickles blog picture2

I love the fresh and crispy taste of Claussen pickles from the deli section of groceries, but the cost? Not so much. So I decided to get 2 or 3 times my money’s worth by making my own easy breezy pickles after I’ve eaten the last pickle.  I just fill the pickle jar (leftover juice and and all) with cut up cucumbers, onions, or, if I feel adventurous or have leftovers, other crisp vegetables. In a day or two I’ll have some really fresh tasting semi-pickled veggies with a lot less sodium and almost as good tasting as the originals.

Give it a try! Just make sure to eat your homemade versions within a week or two, since the veggies haven’t been properly prepared like normal pickles.

Late night projects? We’re ready for ya!

What other ideas do y’all have for stretching food?  Let’s share them!

Joanna Tropical Lady

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