Forgive me, Aldi’s!

Hadn’t been to Aldi’s for a very long time – even though a new one had opened up just a couple miles down the road.

You see the last time I had gone in one, I was hit first thing by a bunch of pop-tart-looking artificial creations, candy, and awful-sounding cereals. NOT the store for me, I concluded, and walked out without buying anything.  But after a long trip to Aldi’s over the weekend with hubby Ron, I need to beg your forgiveness, Aldi’s – I have judged you too harshly! (or maybe you got a makeover?)  While some of the old junk food is still there at the beginning of the store, just walk on by – there’s a land of healthy products waiting for you just ahead!  We had fun trying to track down all the vegan and healthy items we could find, and figured we saved at least $100 over our normal grocery store prices!

I’ll be sharing more of the cool products I got in future blogs, but here’s a sneak peek of my new kitchen contents:

  • A small but pretty great selection of organic fruits and veggies. Blueberry smoothies here I come!
  • A large line of organic products called Simply Nature
  • An awesome spicy bean hummus – just add some pita triangles and some raw veggies and lunch is done!
  • A couple salad dressings – tahini goddess and roasted red pepper – that are great with cut-up veggies. My all-day snack yesterday, and when a friend came over, I had food to share in about two seconds!

While you still need to go to a regular grocery store for odds and ends (their spice selection is pretty sparse, for one, and you probably won’t find napkins and stuff like that), Aldi’s is a really great place to start with your shopping list. I’m really lucky because my closest Aldi’s moved in almost right next door to a regular grocery store, so doing a “two-for-one” shopping trip isn’t going to be a big deal for me – but if your Aldi’s isn’t handy for you, then maybe make it a once-in-a-while thing-

But definitely check it out if you can – and I hope you have as much fun as we did!


Joanna Tropical Lady

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